Employees Learn Differently.

Organizations need flexibility.

Curated Cybersecurity Content

Custom Content Process

cyberconIQ understands that not all organizations are the same, even often in the same industries.  As a result, you may have specific needs that might best be served with custom training content or programs.

Our curriculum content team helps clients successfully plan, design, build, and deploy the right education and reinforcement solutions to meet your employee engagement and compliance training needs, regulatory requirements and reporting or customer-facing branded content.

Human Element - Cybersecurity Content

Services Include:

  • Captive custom branded content including examples, interactive exercises, specific to your employees, purpose and brand
  • Developing custom training and assessment content specific to your industry, regulatory environment or systems
  • Can include limited “white labelling” or integration with your existing LMS in some cases through SSO, API’s and similar custom development
  • Establish learning goals for particular audience with measurable assessments to track behavior change goals
  • Building unique client-facing learning experiences
  • Creating branded videos, program announcements, and related company-specific media deployed to support your risk management program inside our platform
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