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More Than Security Awareness Training.

It's a Culture-Changing Human Defense Platform.

Proven to reduce Human-Factor Cyber Risk by up to 95%

Patented. Proven. Protection.

The Human Defense Platform Lowers the probability of a cyber breach

Introducing the most innovative approach to Cybersecurity Awareness. Discover how our patented behavioral science-based approach is proven to reduce your cyber risk exposure and establish a Security First Culture™.

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cyberconIQ User Satisfaction

"We have completed the first phase of our training program with cyberconIQ and have received very positive feedback from our staff. They have found the training (unIQue) and assessment (myQ) to be very useful, helping them to be more aware of security risks based on their own personal risk style. I think this is a great platform and have recommended it to other security professionals."

—Carlos Caraveo, Director Information Security and Privacy, BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure

“Kudos to cyberconIQ as this training got smarter, I will even add "game changer" and felt very fresh. A mix of interactive and engaging methods, commencing from beginning real life scenario video, to incorporating relatable and personal real-life experiences, to games and sharing science studies of human-element of cybersecurity, is offered up very well.”

—End User, Ontario Pension Board

"cyberconIQ has been very receptive and responsive to our requirements. They have clearly demonstrated they are fully invested in CAA’s success and the results prove it..."

— Kin Lee-Yow, Chief Information Officer, CAA

"From my perspective, cyberconIQ's cybermetrIQs Risk Dashboard is revolutionary and a total game changer to have in your company's cybersecurity arsenal."

—Marc Leckman, Director of IT, Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.

“The Cybersecurity Playbook has provided us with clear options in our journey to a safe and secure online environment for our employees, donors and partner agencies alike. We now have a defined pathway to achieving our priority of actively managing our cybersecurity risk.”

—Michael Cheong, Chief Financial & Operating Officer, United Way GT

"In business today, we have done everything we can to secure technology and still there are breaches. The missing component is the human element of cybersecurity which this author explores in a compelling and convincing way that will help us all stay safer online. Well done!"

—Mark Ripplinger, President & CEO, Everlink Payment Services

“We found cyberconIQ’s cybersecurity awareness solution very unique and effective. Our employees are more cyber aware online and more engaged in both their professional and their personal lives!”

—Karla Paige Hackworth, Human Resources Director, Renova Health

"academIQ is a well rounded, organized and very informative program... It presents timely information in an interactive and engaging manner that not only starts the discussion but facilitates a deeper look at cyber safety. I highly recommend it to any school or division."

—I. Woytowich, Literacy Teacher

"Once again, Dr Norrie cuts straight to the root cause of contemporary online hacks with a refreshing change from the usual fear-mongering to an innovative approach that encourages education and cooperation."

—Stuart Grant, Chief Compliance Officer
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Go Beyond the Checkbox.

Address Compliance and more to create a Security First Culture.

Whether it’s recent SEC Cybersecurity disclosure regulations, NIST 2.0 updates or general third-party risk evaluations, our cyberconIQ Human Defense Platform and Advisory Services are 4-6 times more effective at improving employees’ online behaviors than traditional Security Awareness Training solutions.

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Patented. Proven. Protection.

Lower the probability of a cyber breach

Understanding your employee risk makeup is critical to improving your cyber risk posture and compliance culture. Discover how our patented behavioral science-based approach is proven to reduce your cyber risk exposure.

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