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5-Steps to Reducing Human Cyber Risk - cyberconIQ

Webinar: 5-Steps to Reducing Human Cyber Risk

Date: Nov 30, 2022 01:00-02:00 PM EST

In the past, Human Cyber Risk has been difficult to quantify, and even harder to visualize, manage and mitigate.  With 90% of cyber breaches involving human factors, and with Phishing threat vectors being the most costly and common, financial services organizations are looking for ways to lower overall human risk factors, reduce breach probabilities and the cost of a breach.

Join cyberconIQ in a real time discussion with Dr. James Norrie about the “5 Steps for Reducing Human Cyber Risk”.   In this session, we will discuss the background of our patented Human Defense Platform and how organizations can leverage our tools to:

  • assess individual risk styles and vulnerabilities,
  • quantify overall organizational human cyber risk,
  • create a state of mindfulness,
  • remediate and reduce risky behavior,
  • and create a powerful lead by example culture.

Hosted by: Dr. James Norrie – CEO and Founder of cyberconIQ
Guest Panelist: Stephen Boals, VP Financial Services BD, cyberconIQ