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Your Assessment is Complete.

Congratulations on completing your
cybersecurity style assessment!

Congratulations on completing your assessment. Understanding your style is the first step to becoming safer online.

We have emailed your Assessment for your own use and reflection. Here it is again…

Risk Breaker – Strong

Your attention to detail and instant recall astound others. They rely on you to know the policy and procedures that apply. Very methodical, compliance comes naturally because you know respect for the rules is required to protect the organization and ensure its proper functioning. You avoid chaos. Under stress, your perfectionist streak becomes a burden. Sometimes, you wish you could just let things go, or let other worry about it, but you can’t or won’t. Any team you choose to lead is going to be carefully constructed and managed, exhibiting the same attention to detail that you do. You are intolerant of those who break the rules or policy to get their own way because it violates your sense of integrity.

Risk Breaker – Moderate

Your command of the details and almost instant recall are remarkable. You enjoy coaching others to learn the ropes, knowing your efforts help the organization to function better. More of a perfectionist by nature, you do realize not everyone always follows the rules. You work better in skilled teams where everyone is willing to maintain certain agreed standards. You prefer roles where you are the expert and often as an individual contributor. You are intolerant when rules are bent or policy is ignored and you will often seek to correct that for integrity’s sake.

Risk Maker – Strong

Your relentless drive, optimism and appetite for change astound others. You are risk tolerant and results-focused. You tend to make up the rules as you go, challenging yourself and organizational/social norms along the way. You break the rules frequently, more often asking for forgiveness rather than permission. You view policy as guidance not strict rules. You take calculated risks intuitively, but avoid being too obvious. Getting ahead in your career is very important. You embrace situations where you can achieve direct and visible results for which you can take personal credit. You like to win. If you are on a team, you are more likely to be its leader or aspire to be.

Risk Maker – Moderate

Your focus, positivity and calculated risk-taking are noteworthy. You are risk-aware and results focused. You challenge the status-quo easily, and will bend the rules if required to succeed. You view policy as guidelines and your adherence is situational. Daring, you challenge organizational obstacles and expect everyone to get performance barriers out of the way. You like to win. You are career-focused and create situations where you and/or your team’s contributions will result in personal recognition for the results achieved.

Risk Taker – Strong

You know risk is part of the job, and always prefer action over indecision. Talkative, you prefer innovation and change, appreciating those that agree with your suggestions and opinions. You can be a demanding team leader. Still, you work well both individually and with others, particularly if they are experts in their field. You embrace authority and change, and like leading others. You prefer to be charged with the task then allowed to structure work activities as you see fit instead of how others prefer. You value independent thinking and see ambiguity as opportunity, using these qualities to your advantage to get things done others find too vague to undertake.

Risk Taker – Moderate

Seeking to balance risk and reward, you take calculated risks when they will improve performance. You engage especially well with others who seek to innovate and create. While you value your own opinion, you easily give and take suggestions on process and performance improvements if you feel they can improve results but you do not seek change for change’s sake. You prefer tasks where performance expectations are clear and guidelines are offered, but where final accountability for results is within your control and deferred to you. You accept ambiguity, but dislike chaos. You work well both individually and/or on a team with others similarly driven to get results.

Risk Shaker – Strong

You demand recognition for your contributions and results, expecting to be rewarded accordingly. Well-informed professionally, you value expert opinion often using it to inform your actions. You are willing to put work first occasionally, but not all the time. Preferring to be in charge, you like clear organization structures and roles, and demand they respect your authority when leading others. You prefer autonomy, often acting as an individual contributor or as an internal expert. You deal with ambiguity by trying to eliminate, define and/or structure work for predictability and success.

Risk Shaker – Moderate

You like when your contributions are noted by others, but you take pride in a job well done regardless. You enjoy team work as long as everyone pulls their own weight. While career is important, so is work-life balance. You may secretly yearn for more stimulation and engagement at work. You normally seek leadership roles only if you feel your expertise or ability can deliver what’s expected. You prefer to work for capable and respected leaders from whom you can learn. You prefer predictability over change and perform best where rules, policies and procedures are unambiguous.

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