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Proven Security Awareness Training Platform

Your Foundation for an Enhanced Cyber Aware Culture

Struggling with Ineffective Security Awareness Training Programs?

Designed by educational psychologists and curated by security experts, our innovative and patented approach to cybersecurity awareness training is proven to reduce organizational human-factor cyber risk and enhance overall security posture through:

  • Personalized and adaptive security awareness journey
  • Improved employee engagement with 95%+ satisfaction rate
  • Easy administration and content management
  • 4-6x more effective than generic training alternatives
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Proven Results With Continuous Reinforcement

Our unIQue Security Awareness Training Platform is the foundation of our patented offering and an innovative cyber awareness education program that provides users the most engaging, timely and effective means of reducing their exposure to cyber risks.

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More Than Training, unIQue helps Enhance Your Security Behavior and Culture

The journey to improved cyber awareness training begins with our innovative and personalized education that is more effective and efficient than generic competitors. By targeting content to specific individual employees personalities, your company will maximize the return on your training dollar by catering a unique program for each employee that offers:

  • Proven reduction in human-factor cyber risk
  • Reduction in phishing failures and exposure to ransomware
  • Reinforced importance in password and data compliance requirements
  • Improved security behavior and culture
  • Reduced Incidents of Concern

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Enhanced Security Awareness Training with Better Results

We transform your internal cybersecurity culture from fear to hope by empowering employees with a sophisticated understanding of how their online behavior impacts your organizational cyber risk exposure. We turn cybersecurity into a team sport that helps keep your organization safer and makes a CISO’s job much easier.

Through micro-learning and interactive education modules, our learning and development team delivers the latest content in these areas: 

  • CYBERology™ – our behavioral science approach
  • Social Engineering & Phishing
  • Data Care & Privacy
  • Passwords & Authentication
  • Physical Security
  • Security Basics
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