unIQue Adaptive Learning Platform

Your Foundation to Improved Cyber Awareness

More Than Training, unIQue is a Style-Aligned Learning Platform

The journey to improved corporate cyber-awareness begins with curated and personalized education that is adaptive to your employees Risk-Style quadrant and is more effective and efficient than generic competitors. By targeting content to specific risk-style of individual employees, your company will maximize the return on your training dollar by catering a unique program for each employee.


Over 96%

Percentage of users that would recommend our Cybersecurity Awareness Training to others!

Our unIQue Adaptive Learning Platform is the foundation of our offering and an innovative cyber awareness training program that provides users who have taken the myQ Assessment a continuous, timely and effective means of reducing their threat of cyber risks.

We transform your internal cybersecurity culture from fear to hope by empowering employees with a sophisticated understanding of how their online behavior impacts their cybersecurity Risk-Style.

We turn cybersecurity into a team sport that helps keep the organization safer and makes a CISO’s job much easier.

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