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Cybersecurity Training for Leaders – leaderIQ

Executive Cyber Awareness – Fostering a Security & Compliance Culture.

leaderIQ - Pathway to Executive Cyber Awareness & Security Culture

cyberconIQ works with Executives to drive a risk and compliance culture within organizations through a positive and non-technical cyber awareness approach. Our leaderIQ executive training offers leaders the ability to position the importance of understanding Risk-Styles and how they impact organizational cyber risk posture.

Delivered through our Adaptive Learning Platform, leaderIQ helps reinforce the importance of  connecting security requirements with business objectives for all levels of employees within an organization.

leaderIQ Executive Cyber Awareness

leaderIQ Executive Cyber Awareness helps:

  • understand both their own styles, and the styles of others on their team.
  • translate security awareness knowledge into improved actions.
  • change employees’ on-the-job behavior, to improve cybersecurity awareness and outcomes organization-wide one employee and one style at time.
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