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Proven Reduction in Human-Factor Cyber Risk

Your New Human Defense Platform

Human Defense Platform

An Innovative Approach to Cyber Risk Management

Founded with the knowledge that technical approaches to cybersecurity alone do not address the prevalent issues we face today, our Human Defense Platform is proven to measurably reduce the probability of a human-factor cybersecurity breach. Operating at the intersection of technology and psychology, cyberconlQ embeds behavioral science methods targeting changes in on-the-job behavior into all of its cybersecurity solutions and Advisory Services as a market differentiator.

Introducing The
Human Defense Platform

Our suite of solutions help address the missing element of your cyber risk management strategy by catering cyber awareness education to individual personality and Risk-Styles. Proven to reduce human-factor cyber risk, sooner.

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Enhance your organization's Security Behavior and culture with our Patented approach.


Patented Risk-Style questionnaire

Cybersecurity & Leadership

Advancing risk and compliance culture

Cyber Awareness Training

Style-Aligned® and adaptive Learning Platform

Cyber Risk

Model cyber risk posture in real-time

Phishing Awareness & Remediation

Style-Aligned® Awareness Training

Digital Citizenship Learning

Student and Teacher cybersecurity education

Cyber Risk

High-impact practices action plan

Security Framework

Compliance strategy and plan development