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The Human Defense Platform Enhances

Human Risk Insight. Security Culture. Security Investment ROI. Regulatory Compliance.

A Proven Approach to Human Cyber Risk Management

The cyberconIQ platform allows CISO’s and GRC leaders to effectively assess, manage and remediate cyber risk. Our patented Human Defense Platform measure potential for cyber events, illustrates the human risk aperture and calculates the level of exposure that a company will have due to a cyber event. 

Delivered through our proprietary process, we create a concrete path to minimizing the attack surface, improving the ROI of security investments, and helping companies move beyond the checkbox of generic training and into establishing a security-first culture that helps protect the organization while addressing new regulatory compliance requirements.

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Understanding Your Organization’s Cyber Risk Profile

  • Leverage our patented assessment to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the human factor risk within your organization
  • Combine the human factor risk assessment with measurements of technical and institutional debt for a holistic evaluation
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Assess Threat Aperture & Prioritize Security Investments

  • Utilize Cyber360, Data360, and Insider360 to collect over 100 data points for a comprehensive risk analysis
  • Determine the impact of cyber incidents and derive a priority list of areas with the highest exposure, enabling focused risk management efforts
  • Benchmark the organization’s cyber risk against industry standards and set goals for effective risk mitigation
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Measurable Change in Risky Employee Behavior

  • Integrate patented behavioral education to enhance awareness and instill a security-first culture
  • Use a combination of tools to change behavior and reduce the attack surface from a human factors perspective
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Elevating Trust Within Your New Tactical Edge

  • Offer qualitative advisory services to guide the enterprise in elevating trust and managing cyber risks effectively
  • Provide additional tools and support to extend the tactical edge and enhance cybersecurity measures
  • Assist the enterprise in reporting and compliance with regulatory bodies, such as the SEC.
  • Extend support through a variety of offerings to align with regulatory requirements and enhance overall cybersecurity posture, including clients and vendors
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Patented Risk-Style questionnaire

Cybersecurity & Leadership

Advancing risk and compliance culture

Cyber Risk

Model cyber risk posture in real-time

Phishing Awareness & Remediation

Style-Aligned® Awareness Training

Cyber Awareness Training

Style-Aligned® and adaptive Learning Platform

Digital Citizenship Learning

Student and Teacher cybersecurity education

Cyber Risk

High-impact practices action plan

Security Framework

Compliance strategy and plan development