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MISA Ontario 2020 InfoSec Virtual Conference & Trade Show

This year’s InfoSec Conference & Trade Show was hosted virtually over two afternoons on October 27 – 28, 2020. This was our first online event in the association’s history. Municipal IT security professionals, at all levels, heard directly from municipalities on the issues they experience and learn from each other the direction they need for their future strategies. Partners, dynamic speakers, and municipal technology leaders bring compelling stories, best practices and cutting edge initiatives to life – all related to IT Security issues.

Watch Dr. Norrie’s keynote presentation here:


Based on his recently published Amazon best-selling book, this keynote proves that cybersecurity is about HUMAN rather than TECHNICAL hacks. It reports why Big Tech denies the social impact of their technology to benefit their business models over protecting consumers demonstrating that only we can keep ourselves safe online.  In this provocative presentation, Dr. Norrie will address how third-party inspired cyberattacks are the real threat to people and organizations today and how understanding your online cybersecurity profile through his patent-pending test can facilitate understanding the risks and rewards of your innate instincts that leave each of us vulnerable in different ways to different kinds of online cyberattacks. He explores how this novel approach at the intersection of cybersecurity and behavioral science can keep organizations safer online.  To appreciate this innovative approach in practice, every attendee to this premier keynote is provided with one FREE application of the online myQ assessment.  Please visit the cyberconIQ virtual booth for more information.