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Why Cybercriminals Feast During the Holidays too

November 18th 2020

“Why Cybercriminals Feast During the Holidays too” is cyberconIQ’s first Facebook Live Collaboration Event. cyberconIQ CEO & Founder Dr. James Norrie was accompanied by Alex Hammond, owner of My Girlfriends Wardrobe. My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe, is one of Central Pennsylvania’s top women’s consignment shops, started online in January 2012. My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe was expanded to a mobile store in June 2012, and then a storefront located in Downtown York in May of 2013.

Being that Alex is a neighbor to cyberconIQ’s corporate office space it was easy to arrange for her to take part in the live event. After speaking with Alex for some time and getting to know her store we realized our companies had certain aspects in common. Alex must deal with people who try to sell her counterfeit products.

Our Facebook live event explained why cyber safety and online shopping are important during the holiday season. Personal information protection was something talked about during our 50-minute segment. Alex explained that people send her their credit card information over social media accounts to buy a product. At cyberconIQ we stress how important it is to keep this information safe and protected.

The major takeaway from our segment is that you are never safe from online threats. Between the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone online and retail stores selling majority of their products online you can never be too safe. So, double check the URL’s of the sites you are buying from and triple check where you are inserting your credit card info.

cyberconIQ - FB live Cyber criminals

Watch our recorded Facebook Live event here.