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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | January 29, 2020

Cybercon: Protecting Ourselves from Big Tech & Bigger Lies 

Save Yourself from Yourself!


YORK, PA –  January 29, 2020  | 

Founder & CEO of cyberconIQ, Dr. James Norrie recently published his sixth book, Cybercon: Protecting Ourselves from Big Tech & Bigger Lies. 

Through ten chapters, in a language that is easy to understand and incorporate, Norrie discusses hypervigilance, personality states that not only fail to prevent security breaches but enhance their possibility, offering that ‘the dominant cybersecurity issue is not technical hacks but human hacks’. 

Cybercon: Protecting Ourselves from Big Tech & Bigger Lies can be purchased on Amazon here. 

“Cybersecurity is not primarily a technology issue. It is a human behavior problem on a massively networked scale. Denial of this fact, driven by the drumbeat of Big Tech profits and false promises is not productive, does not keep us safe online and works to society’s detriment. This book explores how well and why this is happening and what you can do about it. It is about empowerment rather than victimhood, sweeping away online fear and replacing it with hope,” said author, Dr. James L. Norrie.  

Dr. James Norrie is a successful author, having published 6 books in the last four years. Internationally known, his areas of research interest delve into the intersection of society and technology and the clash this can create, particularly as cybercrime has become a ferocious problem.  

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