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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | September 25, 2023

cyberconIQ Inc. Welcomes Roger Hockenberry as New CEO

Change in leadership to solidify cyberconIQ’s position as a key player in the industry.


York, PA, September 25, 2023 | cyberconIQ Inc., an innovator in the human cyber risk management space, announces the appointment of Roger Hockenberry as its new CEO. Roger will succeed Dr. James Norrie, the original founder, with his vision to further market growth and enhance sales and marketing success.  Dr. Norrie will remain as Chairman of the Board and will focus on sales enablement and key client engagements in his new role as Chief Evangelist.

Considering cyberconIQ’s ever-expanding product portfolio and the market’s growing demand for more effective security solutions, the change supports the organization’s growth mission by allowing Dr. Norrie to enhance connections with customers and continue to help drive more sales success. Why this change matters:

  1. Key Customer Engagement: the restructuring allows Dr. Norrie to lead high-impact sales initiatives and directly engage with important customers and partners.
  2. Product Evangelism: Utilizing Dr. Norrie’s extensive industry knowledge and Roger Hockenberry’s expertise to promote cyberconIQ’s product distinction and brand differentiation.
  3. Streamlined Leadership: This transition enables the executive team to be more agile, specifically focusing on operational excellence, thus streamlining cyberconIQ’s path to market leadership.

CEO Succession

The Board of Directors has appointed Roger Hockenberry as the company’s new CEO. He brings an outstanding background and deep experience in the cybersecurity space both in the Federal Government and enterprise markets. The appointment of such a capable, talented, and experienced CEO is exciting and will help cyberconIQ get to our next level of planned growth.

Roger Hockenberry CEO - cyberconIQRoger Hockenberry states, “I am honored to join cyberconIQ at this pivotal moment in its journey. We have a talented team and a portfolio of innovative solutions that position us for tremendous growth. My focus will be on amplifying our sales effectiveness, fostering a culture of innovation, and ensuring that we continue to lead the way in human cyber risk management.”



Dr. Norrie says, “As cyberconIQ moves towards its next phase of growth and maturity, we will benefit enormously from the natural energy that comes from a change in CEO with deep industry credibility and experience.  As a Founder and significant shareholder, I look forward to supporting Roger in his new role and can’t wait to see what we will all accomplish together!

cyberconIQ remains committed to its mission of providing innovation in cyber risk management solutions to its clients. The appointment of Roger Hockenberry signifies a new chapter in the company’s journey, characterized by progress, momentum, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

BIO: Roger Hockenberry

Roger Hockenberry is the CEO of Cognitio Corp, a management consulting and cyber engineering firm that does both commercial and classified work. Mr. Hockenberry is a proven technologist and strategic leader with over thirty years of experience in growing teams, creating solutions, and developing revenue in both commercial and government spaces.

Prior to Cognitio, Mr. Hockenberry worked for the Central Intelligence Agency as a mission CTO where he helped shape capabilities across a broad spectrum of activities on a global basis. Prior to the CTO role, Mr. Hockenberry served with the Office of the CIO where he was an innovation officer shaping the adoption of cloud capabilities for both the CIA and the Intelligence Community. He also served as Chief of Cyber Solutions for the Cyber Solution Center where he helped develop teams, technologies, and capabilities to meet a variety of classified needs. In addition, he created and ran a contract for the non-traditional enterprise acquisition of technology (NEAT), a program recognized by the White House for its unique approach to creating solutions utilizing commercial capabilities.

Prior to joining the CIA, Mr. Hockenberry worked for Criterion Systems as EVP for Intelligence and Civilian agencies where he helped grow access to programs, build teams for delivery, and create value for both Criterion and their clients. He reduced turnover, re-invigorated solutions, and repaired relationships that led to sustained business in the Intelligence Community.

Prior to Criterion, Mr. Hockenberry was a Managing Partner for Gartner where he oversaw the building teams, revenue and solutions utilizing Gartner’s research across his portfolio which included all the Intelligence Community, Department of Justice, FBI and Health and Human Services.

About cyberconIQ

Headquartered in York, PA, cyberconIQ was founded with the knowledge that technical approaches to cybersecurity alone do not address the prevalent issues we face today. With years of research and development with financial industry leaders, Dr. James Norrie discovered that our foundational CYBERology™ approach – the intersection of cybersecurity and psychology – would improve security outcomes and would advance the risk and compliance culture within organizations world-wide. With proven results that are 8 – 10x more effective than generic training alternatives, cyberconIQ’s Human Defense Platform measurably reduces the risk of a human-factors cybersecurity breach or data leak. Visit to learn more about our enterprise cyber risk management offering or email us to book a demo today at