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cyberconIQ Launches Innovative cybermetrIQs Cyber Risk Dashboard

Quantify the Human Element of Cyber Risk & Model the Cost Benefit of Cybersecurity Practices in Real-time

YORK, PA –  Aug 2, 2021

This advanced Cyber Risk Dashboard calculates the probability and cost of a potential cybersecurity breaches for organizations and security consultants.

In an age of growing pressure on technology professionals to prevent cybersecurity attacks, cybermetrIQs Risk Dashboard sheds light on organization’s cyber risk posture by providing a single-source view of their cybersecurity landscape based on industry security frameworks (NIST, CIS, ISO etc). cybermetrIQs features multiple, current data sources from reputable companies such as IBM and the FBI. These sources, along with knowledge of the company’s human element, create a more complete picture of risk.

Knowledge about the current state of an environment, is the prerequisite to building a roadmap to advance risk maturity to a chosen future state. Knowing that cybermetrIQs is aligned with industry, size, location and internal/external standards allows me to have a different conversation with the C-suite,” said Chief Learning Officer, Todd Spahr.

Features and benefits of cybermetrIQs include: 

  • Identify the human cyber risk makeup of your organization
  • Model the cost benefit of improving organizational cyber risk posture
  • Scan for known vulnerabilities in your infrastructure
  • Lower your total organizational cyber risk

The cybermetrIQs Risk Dashboard provided us with a powerful tool to “blue sky” our cyber roadmap in real time. By allowing our senior management team to ask questions, manipulate the input and review the results, we could all see and agree to where our cyber efforts should go,” said Marc Leckman, Director of IT Operations at Wesdome Gold Mines LTD.

Additionally, security consulting firms are leveraging cybermetrIQs as a means to advance their services and revenues:  

The cybermetrIQs Risk Dashboard is different than anything we’ve seen before, as it gives you the ability to differentiate yourself from your competition. It allows you to objectively demonstrate options for your clients in real-time and to cross-sell your services. It enables you to show where you can help and where the clients can help themselves against potential cyber risks. It’s a win-win for us and our clients!
Jeff Sharon, President, cenergi

cybermetrIQs – measure & manage total people risk at the corporate level one employee & one style at a time. Book a demo with one of our representatives today.


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cyberconIQ is not just another cybersecurity training company. They are a patented Cyber Risk Management platform that combines cybersecurity and psychology to introduce CYBERology™.  This concept is the foundation of the following solutions: cybermetrIQs,  myQ, unIQue, phishFixIQ, leaderIQ and academIQ. Transform your internal cybersecurity culture from fear to hope by empowering employees with a sophisticated understanding of how their online behavior impacts their cybersecurity Risk-Style. Visit to learn more about our innovative cybersecurity solutions or email one of our representatives to book a demo today at

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