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Cyber Defense: 5 Things Every Business Leader Should Do To Shield Themselves From A Cyberattack

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An Authority Magazine Interview with Dr. James Norrie


In the recent interview with Ben Ari of Authority Magazine, Dr. James Norrie discusses the uncertain and turbulent world where cyberattacks on private businesses are sadly a common tactic of hostile foreign regimes as well as criminal gangs. Cyberattacks and ransomware have crippled large multinational organizations and even governments. What does every company need to do to protect itself from a cyberattack?

In the series called “5 Things Every American Business Leader Should Do To Shield Themselves From A Cyberattack”, Ben Ari talks to cybersecurity experts and chief information security officers who can share insights from their experience, with all of us.

“Think about how to build a fearless and effective “security 1st culture” across your entire organization. That comes from the right tone from the top and not just from the security team. Because, since humans are our last line of defense, instead of feeling like a part of the problem we need to make sure they feel empowered and appreciated to become part of the solution.”Dr. James Norrie, Founder

To learn more about how the human element of cybersecurity and how the recent surge of AI applications impacts the top 5 things every business leader should do to protect their organization from a cyberattack, read the full interview on the Medium Authority Magazine website here.

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