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Behavioral Psychology Training Reduces Cybersecurity Risks

Excerpt from Security Magazine – February 16, 2022, Stephen Moramarco

Behavioral Psychology Training Reduces Cybersecurity Risks

Changing behavior, increasing mindfulness

“We are now attacking it from a completely different angle,” says Leckman. “Beginning with the personalized risk assessment provided by cyberconIQ and their accompanying dashboard, we can ascertain the risk makeup of our employees and strategically plan our next investments based on those results.”

“I liked the fact that every employee is given a 40-question assessment, kind of like a Myers-Briggs personality test,” says Lee-Yow. “This gave us a tool that assessed every individual from their own risk standpoint, and from there we could show them how to better protect themselves. And going one step further, how to create good online habits.”

Lee-Yow concedes that good habits are not formed overnight, which is another reason he has found the ongoing education — which includes delivering new materials regularly — and simulation drills to be effective for the CAA Club Group.

“We can actually measure improvement,” says Lee-Yow. “For example, we conduct regular phishing tests and if someone fails, we can follow that up with a program that reinforces and rejuvenates that employee on best practices.”

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