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January 13, 2022

cyberconIQ International Corp – Form 8937


October 28, 2021 |  cyberconIQ, Inc entered into an agreement and plan of merger with 1292267 B.C. Ltd. (Post merger changing its name to CyberconIQ International Corp.). Prior to the merger CyberconIQ International Corp. was engaged in raising capital to facilitate the acquisition of companies in the cybersecurity industry. The shareholders of CyberconIQ Inc. received 40,300,000 shares (81%) of the combined companies and CyberconIQ International Corp. received 10,000,000 shares or (19%) of the combined companies. The transaction closed November 29, 2021.

The merger of the companies requires the filing of an IRS form 8937.

cyberconIQ International Corp - Form 8937
cyberconIQ International Corp - Attachment to Form 8937-Part II

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