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Mar 19, 2021

cyberconIQ Named Identity Management Day Champion

Spotlighting the Organizations Who are Prioritizing Identity Management and Security

YORK, PA  –  March 19, 2021  | cyberconIQ Named Identity Management Day Champion
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cyberconIQ has been named a champion of Identity Management Day for their ongoing dedication to the improvement of cybersecurity awareness across the globe.

Identity Management Day, April 13th, is a day supported by companies and business leaders across a range of industries. Led by the Identity Defined Security Alliance, in partnership with the National Cyber Security Alliance, we are proud to spotlight the organizations who are prioritizing identity management and security.

Having a day dedicated to Identity Management aims to inform about the dangers of casually or improperly managing and securing digital identities by raising awareness, sharing best practices, and leveraging the support of vendors in the identity security space.

“In a world defined by our use of technology, how we are identified digitally is important. Our digital identities and the credentials that protect them define how we work, interact with each other, access technology, execute transactions, and so much more,” stated Julie Smith, Executive Director of Identity Defined Security Alliance.

Data Privacy Day is a global effort- that took place on January 28th. Data Privacy Day is a day dedicated to generating awareness about the importance of privacy, while highlighting easy ways to protect personal information and reminding organizations that privacy is good for business.

cyberconIQ stresses the importance of how consumers can protect their online presence and shows organizations that investing in your cybersecurity can only benefit your corporation. They were also named a Champion for 2021 Data Privacy Day.

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