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April 20, 2020

SAVE Technique Can Protect You From Cyber Risks

Find out how you can SAVE yourself, from yourself


YORK, PA  |  “SAVE yourself, from yourself”- is one of cyberconIQ’s trusted taglines. We identified that everyone needs to demonstrate SAVE all the time, both at work and at home. What is SAVE you may ask? SAVE is an acronym for, STOP, ASK, VERIFY and ENGAGE.

cyberconIQ SAVE technique

  1. STOP to think before responding. Do not let a false sense of urgency or trickery force you into doing something you should not.
  2. ASK yourself, does this seem real or safe, what you are being prompted or instructed to do? Is this a normal, recurring task you are familiar with or something new and unexpected? How likely is this to be to be real you must ASK yourself?
  3. VERIFY what you are doing and why, including doubling back and certifying every instruction and actor to ensure it is legit and true.
  4. ENGAGE before executing any step to its conclusion. Explore your own instincts and vulnerabilities- and if not, who else might you ask for help. And invoke all necessary steps to the best of your ability to ENSURE you are not being hacked.

These four simple steps, if consistently applied, virtually eliminate 100% of likely exploits used in the most common types of third-party inspired cybersecurity attacks! Our brains learn by doing, you must continue to apply SAVE with each email you receive until this new knowledge becomes actionable and you can easily recognize the signs of how a scammer will attack YOU. With every email, every enticement, you will learn and understand your style so that you can become safer online!

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