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New at CIQ - AI Security Awareness Training Module

June 6, 2023  |  cyberconIQ Updates

Looking to incorporate AI security tips into your security awareness training?

The rapid growth of AI technologies like ChatGPT is rapidly transforming the way we communicate, collaborate, and access information. However, this also brings new security concerns for cybersecurity teams and their end users. To that end, our product development team has been hard at work curating the latest Artificial Intelligence content to help ensure your interactions with AI-driven tools are safe and secure. Watch our introductory video to discover the types of questions we address in our latest training module within our Security Awareness Training platform:

How to Get Started?

Fill our contact form or email our team at to discover the benefits of our overall Human Defense Platform and how we can cater content to your organizational needs. Our engaging content modules and cyber awareness solutions are available for consumption as:

• SaaS-based
• SSO or SCORM package for existing learning platforms *Call for details

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