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Are You Ready for the Age of AI-Enabled Cybercrime?

September 16, 2023  | By: Dr. James Norrie

In the Wild West of Cyberspace, Humans Are the Target

Let’s talk about the state of the cybersphere for a minute…because it’s the wild, wild west out there again.  AI has changed the security game forever and faster than many of us had predicted.  We had thought we would all have some number of years to adapt. We do not. The quality of AI-enabled attacks is already visibly improving, becoming extremely complex and sophisticated security threats that are hard to defend against.  Already we have evidence of successful breaches and DLP events that leveraged in-depth knowledge of high-value targets by applying enhanced and detailed online social mapping and deep fakes for instance.

And, as the cost of implementing these sophisticated attacks at scale decreases, nobody is too small to be attacked and the sheer volume of attacks is rising. The threat landscape is as intense and dangerous as it has ever been for us all.

Because the bad guys are already using generative AI technologies like chatGPT to adapt, shift gears and expand at alarming rates…your users are now their primary target.  Attacks are engineered to penetrate and skirt technical controls and end up at your weakest point – where you depend on user judgment as your last line of defense.  With more than 70% of successful attacks now involving humans, the human risk element is often ignored, or underleveraged as part of your defenses. cyberconIQ Human-Defense-Platform-Risk-Reduction-Process

Consider our revolutionary Human Defense Platform to bring as much focus to your human defenses as you do to your technical controls.  Right the balance between attackers and defenders, moving through our progressive four stage methodology to dramatically and measurably enhance voluntary employee compliance and help them evade compromise every time. Embed new security habits everywhere as you foster a security 1st culture across the organization that delivers new results! And our platform doesn’t just address cybersecurity – inform your security program to include DLP, AI, policy and other emergent knowledge domains to ensure your employees remain safer online and protecting your organization.

Blend technology and psychology in proprietary ways that evaluate business risk impact to meet rapidly escalating security and compliance standards as regulators, auditors and boards all hold management at every level more accountable than ever for improved risk results. Show them you are delivering and within less time than traditional security training alternatives.

cyberconIQ Human Defense Platform - cybermetrIQs cyber risk dashboardOur patented Human Defense Platform includes a cybersecurity dashboard that helps model and track improved results over time.  Our patented myQ assessment delivers deep insights into your human cyber risk DNA comparing you to best in class and peers to identify risk-adjusted investments in high impact practices.

Remediate risky employees more effectively and with a lower training burden than any competitive training method or system, and elevate trust and extend security compliance to downline vendors using our third-party risk assessment and compliance management tools at scale.  All included within our platform.

If you are publicly traded, immediately meet all the new SEC requirements. Or get ahead of the new NIST 2.0 standards if you are a private company. Measure your baseline human risk and then manage it to within acceptable levels.  Build confidence with the executive team and the board of directors that you understand and are applying optimal human risk management practices.

To access a demo of the most comprehensive human risk management platform offered today, please contact us at  Or peruse our website and learn how our patented, proven methods can also reduce risk for you!



Sample AI Content - cyberconIQTo navigate the complex landscape of AI security effectively, staying informed and equipped with the right knowledge and tools is crucial. Discover how our innovative platform approach can help you build a strong defense and embrace a secure and resilient AI-powered future. If you would like to learn more about what we do, feel free to contact us today.