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cyberconIQ Launches phishFixIQ – Style-Aligned® Employee Phishing Training Solution

Reduce Employee Phishing Rates by up to 75% With phishFixIQ


YORK, PA –  May 24, 2021  |   cyberconIQ is pleased to release phishFixIQ, a dedicated, nationally tested, employee phishing training solution, that is guaranteed to reduce click through rates with your “Clicksters” (those employees who tend to click on phishing links).

cyberconIQ - CYBERology


Verizon DBIR Report recently indicated 85% of breaches involve the human element. Breaches caused by phishing were also up 25%.


“There is no point to training an employee unless it changes their on-the-job behavior.  At cyberconIQ, everything we do is based on CYBERology™ – the intersection of psychology and cybersecurity – so that we ensure we can guarantee that outcome,” said CEO & Founder, Dr. James L. Norrie.

cyberconIQ does not blame your employer or vendor for the lapse in your Clicksters phishing failures. We understand their scores are not built on cybersecurity knowledge but based on personal situational awareness. By expanding mindfulness, we can diminish phishing failures in employees across all industries.

By embedding psychology right into the heart of our platform, our products are personalized to make them more efficient, effective and engaging for every employee,” said Chief Learning Officer, Todd Spahr.

phishFixIQ productOur unique 3-step approach is proven to measurably reduce click through rates on phishing schemes upon completing the Style-Aligned® training.

  1. License each user on our SaaS based solution.
  2. Then complete our Style-Aligned® and personally curated phishFixIQ training solution.
  3. After 30 days, re-test your users with your own phishing solution and watch those click-rates plunge.



Call 1 (883) 888-0392 or contact us to request a demo of this game-changing solution.


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cyberconIQ is not just another cybersecurity training company. They are a patented Cyber Risk Management platform. cyberconIQ is known for such products as cybermetrIQs Dashboard, myQ and unIQue Adaptive Learning Platform. Transform your internal cybersecurity culture from fear to hope by empowering employees with a sophisticated understanding of how their online behavior impacts their cybersecurity risk-style. We turn cybersecurity into a team sport that keeps your organization safe from cyberattacks. Visit to learn more about our innovative cybersecurity solutions or email one of our representatives to book a demo today at

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