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cyberconIQ to Introduce techellect™ – AI Training & Resources 

Bytes & Brains Working Together to Navigate the Complex Landscape of AI Security Effectively

York, PA – July 17, 2023  |
At cyberconIQ, we are committed to end-user online safety.  With the advancement of recent artificial intelligence technologies, we endeavor to enhance human mastery of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and online safety by offering an introductory suite of training, educational content series, and resources that harness expertise and best practices at no cost. The use of open AI can expose users to harm that we must become mindful of. To that end, we can help users make clearer choices about when, why, and how you engage open AI systems or other online resources, applications or tools that may create online security risks.

Combining human intellect and judgment with AI technologies – or techellect™ – bytes and our brains can work together for the greater good of humanity. As we look to launch in the coming months, we will emphasize free and easy access to the same expert AI-enabled knowledge and skills that attackers continually use against us to help tilt the balance to the defenders’ advantage and improve civil societies through better personal and organizational security, privacy, and online safety.

Dr. James Norrie, Founder and CEO, says, “As a company that realizes that cybersecurity is as much a human challenge as a technology problem, I am excited to share our innovative and engaging educational AI tools with the world to make it a safe place online.

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About cyberconIQ

Headquartered in York, PA, cyberconIQ was founded with the knowledge that technical approaches to cybersecurity alone do not address the prevalent issues we face today. With years of research and development with financial industry leaders, Dr. James Norrie discovered that our foundational CYBERology™ approach – the intersection of cybersecurity and psychology – would improve security outcomes and would advance the risk and compliance culture within organizations world-wide. With proven results that are 8 – 10x more effective than generic training alternatives, cyberconIQ’s Human Defense Platform measurably reduces the risk of a human-factors cybersecurity breach or data leak. Visit to learn more or email us to book a demo today at


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