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SJA Exclusive – A Psychological Approach to Cybersecurity Training

Security Journal - Psychological Approach to Cybersecurity Training
Originally printed on Security Journal Americas – January 12, 2023

Large organizations and financial institutions are increasingly passing cybersecurity measures on to customers as cyber-crime continues to intensify, says Dr James Norrie, Founder & CEO at cyberconIQ. 

Enterprise organizations are taking security awareness to the next level. Knowing that even the best technology can only successfully repel a potential cyber-attack 90-93% of the time, it is now a mandate of many companies to give employees the training and education they need to prevent them from clicking on something they shouldn’t.

Having seen remarkable success in behavioral-based cyber training programs, many are also looking beyond their digital perimeter and providing similar education to members and customers.

“I think humans can be a great strength in cybersecurity,” explained Kin Lee-Yow, Chief Information Officer of the CAA Club Group (CCG), the largest automobile club in Canada. “And a strong cybersecurity defense is crucial not just on an enterprise level, but for people at every level.”

These new methodologies are capable of drastically reducing human error-related breaches using an approach that involves understanding the psychology of each learner and providing training to which they can relate.

This is particularly important as phishing and other scams grow in sophistication. Organizations are increasingly looking to customers and members as partners in the pursuit of reducing attacks which have exploded into more than $6 trillion in losses annually.  

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