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April 19, 2021

What is Phishing? Are You Prepared?

Learn more about the different types of phishing threats you may be exposed to.


A phishing email is defined as, “A cybercrime that relies on deception to steal confidential information from users and organizations”. Throughout the years, phishing email attacks have become more intricate, enticing, and tougher to spot. To successfully spot a suspicious message in your inbox, all employees must be familiar with all the different forms phishing attacks can take on.

Three Examples of Different Types of Phishing Attacks:

  1. Phishing Email
    • These emails are designed to appear to come from a legitimate source. Cybercriminals hide their presence in little details like the sender’s URL, an email attachment link, and more.
  2. Spear Phishing
    • These emails are targeted and use urgency and familiar language to encourage the receiver to act immediately. The hacker’s sole purpose is to obtain unauthorized access to personal data.
    • For example, the criminal may pretend to be your boss and ask you to wire money over to him immediately!
  3. Smishing
    • Mobile phishing, criminals use text messaging, social media messaging, or other in-app messages to ask the recipient to update their account details. The message will contain a link, that is used to steal the victim’s personal information or installs malware on your mobile device.

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